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Welcome from the Head of School

Tamara Schurdak Head of School, The Chestnut Hill School, MA Dear Friends,

Welcome to The Chestnut Hill School website, and thank you for taking the time to explore more about our amazing school! Ever since its founding in 1860, the School has been dedicated to educating elementary age children. The elementary years are significant and foundational, and the mission of Chestnut Hill remains compelling in the 21st century: we are committed to academic excellence, diversity and community.

At CHS, we understand the importance of early childhood education, and we believe in graduating students who understand and believe in themselves as learners, and who express their thoughts, care about the rights and feelings of others, and stand up for their principles. We believe strongly that having a strong sense of self at an early age is a profound advantage; our students see learning as meaningful, purposeful, and joyful. That joy can be heard throughout the hallways, on the playground, and in the classrooms.

True learning and confidence come with opportunities to try, to participate, to contribute, and to lead. In a Beginners (age 3) through Grade 6 setting, all students have a voice and are active in our community. Everyone in the community is united by a belief that students do their best when they feel a sense of belonging and when they develop close personal relationships with adults and peers. Throughout their years at CHS, students are well known by their teachers.

Chestnut Hill School students can be characterized both by their diversity of background and by their highly-developed depth of character. Our teachers emphasize personal growth, interpersonal awareness, and empathy. They insist on high standards in all aspects of a rich, layered academic program. The result of this carefully coordinated program is that every day is an opportunity for all CHS community members -- students, staff members, teachers, and families -- to be their best possible selves.

It is my pleasure and privilege to represent the CHS community, and I invite you to visit our School virtually and in person. I am excited to welcome you on a tour so you can experience the School, the dedicated faculty and staff, and our curious and engaged students. You, too, will be drawn to this compelling blend of academic and community excellence.


Tamara Schurdak
Head of School