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Upper School

Grades Four, Five and Six

As students progress in our Upper School, they become curious, confident, engaged learners who are able to express their ideas with increasing sophistication and depth. Students hone these skills through intentional curricula that include independent reading journals, math problems that guide students through finding multiple paths to solve a single problem, robotics challenges, and thoughtful integration between special subjects and core classes. Our graduates leave CHS ready to engage in the world around them and confidently participate in complex conversations as curious and informed citizens and scholars. 

Our Upper School students are given the opportunity to put leadership skills they have developed in the Lower School into practice. Students embark on leading their own teacher and family conferences by presenting portfolios and identifying their own strengths and weaknesses in order to develop habits of excellence. In addition, our Upper School students are paired with our youngest Hawks in our learning partner program. This unique opportunity allows for 4th, 5th and 6th graders to engage in learning activities, lead programs, and foster relationships with our youngest students. Research projects in the Upper School focus on inquiry and activism; students are encouraged to pursue topics of interest and explore the numerous strategies leaders use to affect change. Each grade in the Upper School focuses on a specific habit of excellence in encouraging self-reflection, empathy and agency. In 4th grade, students practice executive functioning skills. Fifth graders focus on growth mindset, and in 6th grade we have the unique program titled The Super Six, which identifies key traits such as social awareness, self-control, grit, curiosity, gratitude and optimism.