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Tuition & Financial Aid

 Beginners  $28, 700
 Pre-K  $28, 700
 Kindergarten  $34, 500
 Grade 1  $37, 600
 Grade 2  $39, 200
 Grade 3  $40,400
 Grade 4  $41,800
 Grade 5  $43,600
 Grade 6  $45,600

The Chestnut Hill School uses FACTS Mgmt, an online third party, for all billing, including tuition, auxiliary programs, and music school. The Chestnut Hill School’s Federal ID number is 04-2178868. This is the school’s childcare provider number, employer ID number, and tax-exempt number.

In order to support our commitment to socioeconomic diversity, The Chestnut Hill School provides financial aid to qualified families.

Once a student has been offered admission, the amount the family is expected to pay for tuition is determined in relation to financial need, information about family circumstances, and the availability of School funds. Financial need is evaluated on the basis of a standardized confidential application (sent to an independent service organization) together with tax return information. Consideration is given to a family’s net income and net worth, in light of taxes, educational expenses of siblings, and any other commitments.

The independent service organization (SSS) that receives applications makes no decisions about recipients or the amount of financial aid awards. It simply applies a computational model that it has developed and refined over the years to come up with an objective measure of a family’s ability to contribute to the cost of independent school education. The School’s Financial Aid Committee evaluates the suggested contribution in light of its understanding of the limitations and biases of the computational model, as well as information from tax returns and other family circumstances of which it may be aware. Responsibility for all financial aid awards rests solely with the School.

Apply online: Click Here

New family applications:

  • Must be completed by February 8th
  • If you have more than 1 child at the school, you need only complete one application for aid. Please list each child on the PFS form.

PFS Application and instructions for the academic year 2023-24:

  • 2021 taxes and all supporting documents must be submitted to SSS by February 8, 2023 for new families, and December 16th for returning families.
  • 2022 estimated taxes and all supporting W2s/1099s must be submitted to SSS by February 8, 2023

Returning Family Applications:

Currently enrolled families, both those receiving tuition assistance and those interested in being considered for assistance, will be required to submit all of the above materials no later than December 16, 2022. Tax forms for 2022 taxes will be submitted by February 8th. This earlier timeline allows the school to issue financial aid awards with re-enrollment contracts in late January. 

The Chestnut Hill School believes that parental investment is an essential element of a child’s education and thus expects families to contribute to its cost according to their means. Financial aid awards are always less than 100% of total tuition.

Are there any additional expenses to budget?

School tuition pays for all classroom expenses, books, class trips and all the various programs that make up your child’s school day experience. In short, all the programs offered during the school day are covered in full by school tuition. The Chestnut Hill School offers optional enrichment programs outside of the school day, and we believe strongly in making the range of school experiences affordable to our families. 

Awards are made on a one-year basis and families must re-apply for each succeeding academic year. Applications can only be considered if all School accounts are on a current basis. All financial information provided to the School is held in the strictest confidence.

Financial Aid awards will be mailed on March 10, 2023. For more information about Financial Aid please contact Elisa Lellios, Director of Enrollment Management, at 617-264-1350 or by email at

All enrolled students are automatically enrolled in a third-party (A.W.G. Dewar, Inc.) Tuition Refund Plan (“TRP”) and will be billed accordingly. The School will process and collect any claim payment to which families are entitled under the TRP and credit it to their account, paying any excess to the family. Under certain conditions families may elect not to participate in the TRP by signing and returning to the School’s Business Office a waiver form before Sept. 1st.