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Social Studies

Social Studies and Art

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

At CHS 2nd grade teachers weave social studies, art and diversity, equity and inclusion topics all in one lesson! The students have been reading I Look Like a Girl by Sheila Hamanaka. Published in 1999, the book includes rhyming text accompanied by brightly colored illustrations. These pictures show girls “engaging in typical childhood activities, (while) imagining a life as free and wild as a tiger, dolphin, mustang, condor or wolf.”

Using this book as inspiration, students discussed the concept of visible identities, particularly those that do not accurately reflect how we think of ourselves. Gender is one way assumptions are made about who we are and is one of the strands of social identity. Other strands include heritage and belief systems. The book and subsequent discussion encouraged students to question the complexities of visible identities and resist the impulse to judge others based on outward appearance.

The 2nd graders then used oil pastels on black paper to show their understanding of the limitations of gender categories and stereotypes and imagining themselves as a rabbit, bear, or a turtle.