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Creative Arts and Sports Camp

Creative Arts and Sports Program

Summer at Chestnut Hill caters to campers by providing four age group divisions: Lower (ages 3-5), Intermediate (grades 1-3), Upper (grades 4-6), and Senior (grades 7-8), which implement traditional and innovative programming led by experienced adult staff.

Purposeful Play!
Lower campers (ages 3-5) experience the supportive structure of  a preschool environment where they interact with peers, sing in music, imagine on the playground, learn to swim, engage  in sports, explore in science, and create in art.  Classes and projects will center around the 2018 session themes of Outer Space, Under the Sea, Winter in July & Fun at the Circus. See lower camp section below to learn more.

Be an artist, athlete, engineer, musician, scientist, actor, or all of the above!  
Campers in grades 2-8 are given the opportunity to design their camp experience by selecting six activities of interest. Activity choices change every session (two weeks) which allows campers to try new things.  Grade 1 campers are assigned to instructional swim, art and science, and can choose three additional activities of interest.

Creative Arts and Sports Camp 2018 Dates
Session I June 25 - July 6
Session II July 9 - July 20
Session III July 23 - August 3
Session IV August 6 - August 17

- Camp closed on Wednesday, July 4th
- Camp closes early on Friday, August 17th
- Single weeks are available during Session I (June 25th - July 6th)

See more details and sample schedules below - new STEM based offerings, art classes, an expanded wheel working studio, ½ day upper camp extensive programming, and more will be added in 2018.


“My child and I were thrilled with the opportunity to pre-select  activities. I particularly loved the variety between arts/crafts type activities, dance class, instruments and sports. Truly something for everyone!”


Additional highlights include:

  • Daily community gatherings
  • Special Guests/Artists
  • Weekly performances
  • Camp wide theme days such as Boston Sports Day, Super Hero Day, etc..
  • Field trip options for upper camp
  • Senior camp trip schedule
  • Carnival Day!
  • Lunch provided by Summer at Chestnut Hill every Friday; campers bring their own lunches or purchase a lunch from Smart Lunches Monday through Thursday
Lower Camp - Age 3 through entering Kindergarten

This division is designed to foster beginning routines, social skills,  and an appreciation for learning. Each lower camp group (caterpillars, butterflies, crickets, bumblebees, dragonflies) is made up of 15-20 campers and a staffing team of one lead teacher, three assistant counselors and one counselor-in-training which creates a  4-1 ratio. Staffing teams are hired based on their experience, passion for working with children and favorable references and background checks. Throughout the day, staff will intentionally engage with, and support campers by assisting them with transitions, making positive choices, and developing new friendships and skills.

Half Day / Full Day / Combo

Lower campers may choose the half-day, full-day or combo program.  All campers have lunch at camp at noon.

Half Day (1:00pm dismissal): The schedule includes art, instructional swim, playground time, story time, music, science & nature, and sports (gross motor play).  Weather permitting, campers can expect a 50/50 balance between outdoor and indoor activity; the classrooms are air-conditioned.

Full Day (3:45pm dismissal): Campers who stay full day will have a quiet/rest period in from 1:00pm - 1:30pm.  During this time, campers (based on developmental needs) will have the opportunity to play quietly with assorted imaginative toys or nap/rest in an adjoining classroom. The full day is also comprised of additional periods of swimming, paying on the playground, and arts and crafts.

Combo Program: Lower campers can choose this option which is 3 full days and 2 half days.

Communication: We strive to keep you informed about all the great things that your child experiences during the day. Group counselors are available during morning arrival and afternoon dismissal to answer questions and to share stories about the day. Weekly newsletters (curriculum highlights), and end of the session swim reports are sent to families.


Campers in the four and five year old groups have the opportunity to get up on stage as a group each session to perform a song for families. Prepare to witness the talents of our youngest campers! The dates and times will be listed on the group schedule sent in June.

2018 Lower Camp Themes: Outer space, Under the Sea, Winter in July & Fun at the Circus.

Please click here to see what a day in the life of a Lower Camper looks like!




Intermediate Camp - Entering grades 1, 2 and 3

Art , basketball, clay, drama, dance, movie making, piano, pillow making, science, soccer, swim instruction, tennis, woodworking, science, and so much more.


Grade 1 - The program for this grade level combines the structure of lower camp with the growing independence of intermediate camp.  Grade 1 campers enjoy starting and finishing the camp day with their assigned group. Each 1st grade group is made up 15-20 campers and a staffing team of one teacher, three assistant counselors and one counselor-in-training.  Staffing teams are hired based on their experience, passion for working with children and positive background checks.

Each morning, first graders enjoy instructional swim (taught by certified staff), science, and art.  At the end of the day, both first grade groups come together for “Mixers.” “Mixers” is specifically designed for the first grade, and provides a unique opportunity for campers to mix and collaborate as they sing, go on scavenger hunts, play trivia, freeze dance, etc.  Each afternoon within a session is a new “Mixer.”

During the middle of the day, first graders select three activities of interest.  Prior to coming to camp, campers, with family input, make selections from a range of indoor and outdoor activities Campers partake in their elected classes for the two-week session. Campers attending more than one session, will have a chance to create the same or a new schedule. See sample schedule link below.

Grades 2 and 3 - Campers in this division gain confidence, make new friends, show their talents, and try new things.  Our 2nd and 3rd grade campers have the opportunity to design their perfect day! They can become who they want by selecting six activities, from a long list, that they want to partake in for the two-week session. Campers who return for more than one session will have the chance to participate in the same activities or select new ones. Average class sizes are 8-12 campers; classes are taught by experienced adult staff.  Please note that swim instruction is not mandatory; campers may choose one 45 minute swim instruction period per day.  

Prior to each session families will receive an online activity selection form which includes detailed information regarding each class offered.  Classes are taught by experienced staff who foster community and teamwork. Typically class size is 12 campers with 2-3 staff.

Please click here for a sample intermediate camp schedule.


Upper Camp - Entering grades 4, 5 and 6

Archery, basketball, drama, dance, free swim, movie making, rockband, set design, swim instruction, tennis, woodworking, engineering, wheel working, and so much more.

Upper campers design their own personalized camp schedule for each session they attend.  Thus, upper campers have the option of selecting their favorite activities, trying new ones and/or taking classes with new and/or established friends.  Average class sizes are between 8-12 campers; classes are taught by experienced adult staff.  Please note that swim instruction is not mandatory; campers may choose one 45 minute swim instruction and/or free swim period per day.  

Please click here for a sample upper camp schedule

Please note that archery and tennis are taught off campus at nearby Pine Manor College campus (400 Heath St. Brookline, MA.), and campers are transported to and from by the CHS camp shuttle and trained driver, or by Local Motion.  Families receive activity selection forms/information prior to each session.

Additional highlights for Upper Camp include:

  • Team Building - Twice a week after lunch, campers come together and build trust and relationships as they cheer each other on, and work together in a variety of  team challenges; the “shoe game” is always a group favorite.
  • Optional Field Trips - Each session, upper campers are invited to partake in one afternoon field trip. Our 2017 summer season trips included Laser Quest, Launch trampoline park, miniature golf, and bowling. A nominal fee may apply.
  • New programs added each session - In 2018 look for an expanded wheel working studio, rowing, STEM based classes and more...
  • Midday divisional gatherings - Twice a week from 12:30-1:00, upper campers and counselors come together to share their creativity, knowledge and talents.  As a result of this half hour program, campers and staff laugh, build community, and increase confidence. At the end of each session, families are invited to attend/watch our class performances such as dance, guitar, rock band, and piano. Families are notified if their campers class will be performing.
  • Special Guests - Past guests have included:  Ooch, flying high frisbee dogs, and magic
  • New Rockwall Climbing and Rowing - click here for dates and fees.  If you would like your child to participate, please click here to sign up.



    Senior Camp - Entering grades 7 and 8

    This program is designed specifically for the maturing camper, with a focus on participating in new challenges, building leadership and less screen time. Campers in this division participate in both on-site class electives and in off-site excursions. 

    Click Here to view a sample senior camp schedule and a list of field trips for 2018; field trips change each year so that returning senior campers may experience new adventures.

    While on campus, senior campers select from a variety of sports, art, music and cooking experiences. Senior campers have the option of sticking with their initial selection of on-site activities for the full session (two weeks) or changing them each week. Activity choices are sent to families a week before each session begins.

    Senior camp off-site programs/trips such as Boda Borg, zip-lining, indoor skydiving, and beaches, provide a unique opportunity for our campers to to learn new skills, collaborate with peers, and to role model leadership. Each trip destination is selected based on attention to high safety standards (staff training, certified personnel, staff background checks, and approved safety equipment ).

    Please note that we limit our total senior camp enrollment to 30 campers per session. The senior camp group is led by our senior camp director and four adult counselors.  We provide a 6 to 1 ratio on all trips, plus a certified lifeguard on all beach trips.  Beaches are selected for their cleanliness, ample facilities, medical station and on duty lifeguards.  

    NEW Rockwall Climbing and Rowing - click here for dates and fees.  If you would like your child to participate, please click here to sign up.





    CIT program - Entering grades 9 and 10

    CIT’s are important members of our team. Once approved, CIT’s will be placed in an age appropriate division, receive pre-camp training (June Meeting) and ongoing support during their time with us. CITs can expect to collaborate with staff, engage with campers, attend weekly meetings (individual and whole group), partake in field trips (optional), and receive weekly feedback and mentoring from experienced staff and directors.

    Weekly meetings provide CITs with individual feedback and goal setting opportunities. CITs may have the opportunity to teach a brief lesson during their camp experience and will be evaluated by their director. 

    Please note that an application, reference checks and an interview is required for all new and returning CIT positions (see steps below).  

    1. Complete CIT Application
    2. Schedule an interview (we will contact you)
    3. If accepted, register and pay deposit/tuition

    New/1st year CITs (based on acceptance and availability) are limited to one of the these four-week blocks:

    • CIT Block 1 (June 25 - July 20*) or
    • CIT Block 2 (July 23 - August 17)

    *Camp closed on Wednesday, July 4th


    Returning CITs (based on acceptance and availability) may be permitted to select one or both of these four-week blocks:

    • CIT Block 1 (June 25 - July 20*) and/or
    • CIT Block 2 (July 23 - August 17)

    *Camp closed on Wednesday, July 4th