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Student Support

The Chestnut Hill School knows that every child is a unique person and learner, and that academic excellence requires the thoughtful development of social-emotional capacities.

Our dedicated and experienced staff is committed to providing an educational experience that meets each student's needs through a variety of instructional strategies and approaches. The school’s Student Support Team meets regularly to ensure that every child has a full range of academic and social-emotional support. 

Student Support Team: Scott Parker, Kerryn Hinds, Jennifer Dirga, Deb Bloomberg and Michelle Keating


Academic Support 

The School provides a challenging academic program while offering a structured, multidimensional support system for students encountering challenges. The Director of Student Learning provides continuity for students by coordinating services, facilitating communication, maintaining confidential records, interpreting test results, recommending support plans, and monitoring plan compliance.

Academic Support: Michelle Keating

Learning Specialists

CHS has 2 literacy and 2 math specialists who facilitate student learning and growth, by collaborating with the Director of Student Learning and teaching staff to provide specialized skill-based instruction and general small group instruction in collaboration with the grade-level teams. Although the School does not provide auxiliary services such as counseling, speech/language therapy, or occupational therapy, the Director of Student Learning and other members of the Student Support Team work with families to find appropriate service providers. 

Learning Specialists: Anne Zasloff, Lauren Giordano

School Counseling

The school counselor helps support the social-emotional needs and growth of students, teachers, staff and families within the school community. This includes utilizing a tiered social-emotional learning approach to supporting students, along with prevention and intervention strategies that foster social and emotional competencies. The focus of our program is to support the emotional and social needs of CHS students in order for each student to be able to achieve their full capacity for learning.

Open Circle

The school takes seriously that a child’s social/emotional health is central to effective learning. Accordingly, the SEL curriculum is organized in such a way as to enhance opportunities for positive interaction among children. Working together with the school counselor and Student Support Team, classroom teachers are well-informed about children’s individual strengths and supportive in meeting their respective needs. 

The Open Circle curriculum provides a common vocabulary and common experiences across the grades. Developed at The Stone Center at Wellesley College, the Open Circle curriculum fosters community by promoting a broad range of social and cultural competencies: lessons center on social interaction, problem-solving, self-awareness, and communication skills. The program begins in Beginners and continues through Grade 5. 

School Counselor: Jennifer Dirga


Student Health and Wellness

The school is committed to promoting a healthy school environment and fostering the health and well-being of our community members. Moreover, the Director of Nursing and Wellness ensures that CHS follows all regulations specific to health and safety in schools established by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health.

The school nurse at CHS is available to discuss any health related issues. Our nurse coordinates with the members of the support team to provide a holistic approach including accessing academic and emotional services within CHS

Health and Wellness Support: Deb Bloomberg, R.N.