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Lower School at Chestnut Hill School

First, Second and Third Grades

We think big and grow slow in the Lower School. As students become more sophisticated learners, our program continues to offer developmentally appropriate opportunities for critical, creative, and conceptual thinking. Students enter our Lower School as emerging readers and writers and develop into well-rounded learners, organized and clear writers, and complex problem solvers through a program that encourages them to follow their passions and contribute to our socially conscious community. 

Our Lower School students engage in thoughtful reflection and examine what it means to be a leader through both an academic and social-emotional lens. Students are given opportunities to write their own plays and perform them for an audience. CHS’s Social-Emotional Learning program, Open Circle, and the intentional threading of DEI lessons into everyday activities guide students to learn the skills and behaviors that make them kind today, conscious tomorrow. The Lower School trajectory offers multiple non-core academics for students to explore and follow their passions. Offerings include: art, music, physical education, Spanish, science, technology and engineering, and library. 

Our children feel safe, secure, happy, and challenged. 
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Signature Projects

Lower School

Skill Development

The Lower School program incorporates skill development in the areas of Social-Emotional Learning and Research and Public Speaking.

Social-Emotional Learning

Our robust Open Circle lessons and active work with children on growth mindset, recognizing complex feelings, and engaging in meaningful conversations are just a small slice of the ways that social-emotional learning is not only taught, but modeled at CHS. Students practice taking simple and small risks, persevering through a task, and responding flexibly to change as they work to become empathetic classmates and skilled communicators.

Research and Public Speaking

Intentional research questions such as Who are Change Makers?, How do Humans Impact the Environment?, and How are Different Societies Structured? lead to authentic projects which take place at every grade level. Students are given opportunities to share their research and projects with a broader audience as they practice presentation and public speaking skills.


Exploring Interests

Special Subjects

CHS offers a broad array of special subjects for students

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Student Success

 The Student Success Team is dedicated to each child's learning.


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