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The Class of 2023 and their teachers pose for a photo in front of the school.

After CHS

The Chestnut Hill School is intentionally focused on the earliest years of a child’s education. Sixth grade is the culminating year of students’ Chestnut Hill experience, and the secondary school placement process is an important component of that capstone year. Our placement team is here every step of the way to guide students and their families through the admission process for their next school.

Class of 2024


Different schools applied to


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Accepted or waitlisted

CHS graduates are noted consistently by ongoing schools for their mature leadership, their community impact, and their ability to fundamentally shift learning in a meaningful way. As children enter their adolescent years, they are able to consider the next step of their educational journeys -- an empowering and confidence-building exercise in self-discovery.

CHS alumni join their secondary school communities with a sense of joyful purpose and self-confidence, personal learning traits that are highly sought-after by admissions offices. However, the skills and self-awareness needed to thoughtfully approach the transition from elementary to middle school don’t magically appear in the fall of sixth grade. We build these skills all along, with a balanced and rigorous curriculum and a commitment to our values of kindness, belonging, pursuit of knowledge, and perseverance. 

Placement Results

Class % Admitted to One of Top 2 Choices
2024 85
2023 75
2022 83
2021 76
2020 100
2019 79
2018 83

Our Placement Process

CHS has been using a consistent placement process for many years to ensure a good fit between student and family goals and the academic program and climate of the school. This process begins with family education in Grades 3 and 4, progresses to individualized counseling in Grade 5, and culminates in continuous support through the application process in Grade 6.

The Next Step

Below are some of the schools where our recent alumni have gained admission.

"It continues to surprise me the number of times I realize one of our best students or community members really is a CHS student. They come ready to not only join a community but to help build one."Head of an Independent School

"We love how CHS gives 6th graders a capstone experience that showcases their leadership and allows them to share their knowledge and talents with the school community."
Parent '21 '23 '26