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Math Olympiads Team Wins!

Monday, June 12, 2017

Despite the cold temperatures, from November to March, 47 CHS students rose extra early to study and prepare with their coaches - Mr. Acosta, Ms. Giordano, and Mr. Gallegos. Over 3,000 teams participated and The Chestnut Hill School Math Olympiads Team was honored for Highest Team Achievement.

The Math Olympiads are designed to strengthen mathematical intuition, foster creativity and ingenuity, and develop strategies to solve unusual and particularly challenging math problems. A participating school team would need to score at least 164 points in order to place in the top 10% and earn a prize.

The dedication, commitment, and hard work of our Math Olympiads team paid off!

The CHS Community is very proud of our students. Let’s give a round of applause for our Math Masters:

Grade 4: Julia Bae, Scarlett Black, Julia Chang-Holt, Kate Drachman, Beckett Dubovik, Sammy Gallegos, Jayan Gandhi, Kate Gavin, Sam Gavin, Alex Giordano, Jordan Hayden, Josie Kelleher, Jai Malhotra, Mira Maniar, Lee Nevo, Axel Portnoy, Aleeza Riaz, Sofia Senunas, and Jolie Zink.

Grade 5: Mark Anderson, Caroline Bae, Evan Bardinelli, Nayan Brainerd-Ghosh, Eric Diop, Erik Duchnowski, Ellie Etemad-Gilbertson, Julia Feeney, Ben Guenther, Brooks Hawkins, Alexa Konstantopoulos,  Eva Kravetz, Aidan Lin, Frankie Lavelle, Katie Martin, Chris Myers, Daniel Pushkarev, Toby Pyle, Alyssa Quarles, Aaron Stanger, Annika Walker

Grade 6: Jack Botein*, Ainsley Burr, Jamie Drachman, Timothy Hebard*, Alex Nahirny*, Olivia Stevo*, Aidan Yaphe

*Notes those students who participated for three consecutive years.