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Lower School

Amidst a rich interdisciplinary program and an ongoing commitment to nurturing social/emotional growth, our Lower School (Grades K-3) focuses on the development of foundational skills. Students benefit from the continuation of a warm and supportive classroom environment that fosters growing independence both socially and academically. With literacy and math specialists integrated into every homeroom team, teachers utilize fluid, skill-based groups as a means of providing differentiated instruction and responding to the developmental range of students.  In addition to building and honing their core skills in the context of an engaging, multi-faceted curriculum, students in these grades learn to work collaboratively with their peers and to assume growing responsibility as a member of their classroom community. 

The breadth and frequency of special subject classes and curriculum-related field trips steadily increase in these grades, with intentional cross-curricular collaborations between homeroom and special subject teachers. Examples include designing and creating Egyptian murals in art in connection to a social studies unit in Grade 3 and collecting and graphing real-time weather data to build upon lessons in science. By the end of lower school, our goal is for students to develop the requisite skills and confidence, both personally and academically, for a smooth transition to the increased expectations of upper school.