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Lower School

Amidst a rich interdisciplinary program and an ongoing commitment to nurturing social/emotional growth, learning in Grades K-3 focuses on the development of foundational skills. Students benefit from the continuation of a warm and supportive classroom environment that fosters growing independence both socially and academically. With literacy and math specialists integrated into every homeroom team, our teachers utilize fluid, skill-based groups as a means of providing differentiated instruction and responding to the developmental range of students.  In addition to building and honing their core skills in the context of an engaging, multi-faceted curriculum, students in these grades learn to work collaboratively with their peers and to assume growing responsibility as a member of their classroom community.

The breadth and frequency of special subject classes and curriculum-related field trips steadily increase in these grades. Community service projects evolve into service learning activities, such as planting and harvesting food in a sustainable garden or volunteering at a local food bank. While violin instruction in Kindergarten and Grade 1 is a hallmark for this age group, a specialized focus on robotics in Grade 3 serves as a capstone experience. By the end of lower school, our goal is for students to develop the requisite skills and confidence, both personally and academically, for a smooth transition to the increased expectations of upper school.