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Lower School

Kindergarten - Third Grade

As students become more sophisticated learners, our program offers continued developmentally appropriate opportunities for critical, creative, and conceptual thinking. Students enter our lower school as emerging readers and writers. Through a thoughtful and intentional literacy curriculum, they engage in balanced reading groups and receive targeted instruction in order to achieve fluency and to build comprehension strategies. In writing, students are taught the skills needed to become organized and clear writers, and encouraged to generate authentic expressions of their ideas and opinions. Writing units in the Lower School encompass a wide range of genres, such as poetry, persuasive essays, non-fiction, and script writing in order to introduce students to voice, audience and purpose. In the Lower School, students continue developing foundational skills in our five strands: numeracy, algebra, geometry, measurement, and data analysis and probability. They engage in individual and group work and are encouraged to find multiple ways to solve increasingly complex problems using both bar models and traditional algorithms.

Our Lower School students engage in thoughtful reflection and examine what it means to be a leader through both an academic and social emotional lens. Our students are given opportunities to write their own plays and perform them for an audience. Intentional research questions such as, Who are Change Makers?, How do Humans Impact the Environment?, and How are Different Societies Structured?, lead to authentic projects which take place at every grade level. Our robust Open Circle lessons and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion strands that are interwoven into our curriculum focus on 8 social identifiers that promote perspective taking and help students to recognize bias, prejudice and stereotypes. They are encouraged to be upstanders and allies, and to continue to contribute to our socially conscious community. The Lower School trajectory offers multiple non-core academics for students to explore and follow their passions. Offerings include, art, music, physical education, Spanish, science, technology and engineering, and library.