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Library & Technology


With a catalogue fully accessible on-line, the CHS Library collection includes over 7,000 print volumes of children’s literature, both fiction and non-fiction. Library acquisitions are chosen for their connection to curriculum topics, their ability to promote the sheer pleasure of reading, and their representation of a diverse, multicultural world. In using the library, our goal is to expand students’ learning, to motivate them to pursue topics of interest, and to gain access to information and new ideas. Our library supports students in accessing books and electronic sources, fostering literature appreciation, promoting reading fluency and comprehension, and building information seeking and usage skills. We strive to encourage the development of students who will become lifelong readers and ethical users of information.


Learning and teaching at The Chestnut Hill School are meaningfully supported and enriched by the use of technology. Across the curriculum, students use technology tools to create projects demonstrating their learning, to access and evaluate information, and to communicate with others. As students progress throughout the grades, our goal is not only for them to achieve critical benchmarks of technological proficiency but to develop an awareness of and sense of responsibility for using technology in safe and ethical ways. Equally important, we seek to foster the development of 21st century skills and perspectives that students will need in a diverse and globally connected world. Younger students receive weekly instruction in the computer lab, supplemented at all grade levels by a rich array of technology resources: mobile laptop carts, mobile iPad carts, and interactive whiteboards in nearly every classroom.