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Giving At CHS

At CHS, we are committed to graduating students who are skilled learners, empathetic classmates, and empowered thinkers.

In order to achieve this mission, we rely on tuition and auxiliary programs to provide the necessary funds to support the priorities of the school. However, nearly all independent schools like CHS need endowments and alternate revenue sources to maintain financial stability. 

CHS Fund

As is true of almost every independent school, tuition alone does not cover the full cost of educating a student at CHS.

Annual fund contributions make up for this annual budget gap and enable a portion of each family's financial commitment to the school to be 100% tax-deductible.

CHS Fund contributions support:

  • The Chestnut Hill School's rich curriculum and learning environment.
  • The Financial Aid Program, moving the school toward a more socio-economically and culturally diverse student population.
  • Salaries and benefits that enable the school to attract and retain the best and most talented faculty and staff.
  • Regular, critical maintenance of and enhancements to our beautiful campus.



A robust endowment will provide CHS with the financial strength needed to carry the school into the future. CHS requires a firm financial footing to remain at the forefront of 21st-century education.

Currently, our endowment is about $12 million. The endowment provides the necessary resources to fund the school’s major strategic priorities – financial aid support, faculty compensation, programmatic support, and campus enhancements.  

When you make a gift in support of the endowment, it makes a difference.  When our community gives, it ensures we create a legacy that lives on for future generations.  

While the CHS Fund provides "money to live by," the endowment provides "money to grow on."



Current families who supported the 2021-22 CHS Fund

$ 735,000 +

Amount raised by the 2021-22 CHS Fund


Faculty and Board participation in the 2021-22 CHS Fund

Every Gift Counts

We appreciate each and every gift at a level that is meaningful to you. Your support at all levels of giving shows your commitment and belief in the school and the mission.

“I give because CHS has been so good to my children and family. There is no other school like ours where the sense of community is this strong.”Jeannie
Past Parent and Board Member   

“There are many reasons why we give to CHS, but the main reason we give is for our children’s academic and community experience.”Carrie
Past Parent and Board Member

Five girls stand in a line and smile at the camera while standing in front of a playground structure.