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What is the CHS Annual Fund?

The CHS Annual Fund is a vital source of expendable support that impacts virtually every aspect of CHS community, from faculty and students to technology and facilities, as well as the arts and science. The CHS Annual Fund offers alumni, parents and friends a special opportunity to support the highest current priorities of the school through their annual unrestricted giving. 

Why is participation so important?

Participation builds a strong and critical base of donors. It builds momentum that inspires others to give. Alumni, parents, and friends are more likely to make a gift if a significant number of their peers are contributing. Participation is an expression of confidence in the CHS mission.

Will my gift make a difference?

Most Definitely! Every tax-deductible gift makes a difference to the school. It also sends a powerful message that you believe in the school and its educational program, and it has made a difference in your child's life.

Why does an Endowment matter?

Growing the endowment will benefit CHS by providing funds to:

  • Lessen reliance on tuition;
  • Allocate competitive salaries for our staff and continue to support their professional development;
  • Foster inclusion through financial aid'
  • Prepare for future unforeseeable needs such as facility upgrades or repairs;
  • Ensure for the institutional financial sustainability needed to carry CHS into the future.  It is our legacy for the next generation.
Can I designate my gift?

The CHS Annual Fund supports virtually every aspect of school life. You may choose a specific area to support that is most important to you. 

May I make a pledge or recurring gift?

Yes! CHS encourages donors to make pledges that will be paid in the current fiscal year. CHS Families, Alumni and Friends can also choose to make a multi-year pledge. You may make recurring (multi-month or multi-year) gifts through our online form. This option allows you the flexibility to make a gift to CHS by spreading your contribution over time.

When does CHS fiscal year end?

CHS fiscal year runs from July 1- June 30.

What is the difference between an Annual Fund and a Capital Campaign?

An Annual Fund and a Capital Campaign support distinct but equally important funding purposes, both of which ensure the financial stability of CHS.  

An Annual Fund supports the general operating budget.  Tuition covers only a portion of the cost of educating a student.  An Annual Fund, along with other fundraising income closes the gap between income and expenses. Monies raised for the Annual Fund is an ongoing and continuing effort.

A Capital Campaign is an intensive, multi-year fundraising effort to secure gifts and pledges in order to provide a significant impact for a school's identified major funding priorities and endowment.  A Capital Campaign has a defined lifespan with a beginning and an end.

Simply stated...An Annual Fund provides "money to live by" and a Capital Campaign provides "money to grow on."


How can I find out more information about giving to CHS?

Contact Chuck Sawyer, Director of Development, by phone at 617-264-1343 or by email at