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Family Association

The CHS Family Association strives to promote an inclusive community that fosters parent engagement, supports the faculty and staff, and builds connections across all of CHS.

Did you know that every parent is a member of the Family Association?  Community is core to the CHS mission & the time and talents of our parent volunteers allows our school to prosper and our students to thrive.  

Executive Committee & Community Connection:
TThe Executive Committee reviews and discusses the status of upcoming events and weighs any outstanding community needs for additional connection. Plans for communication strategies with the overall community are discussed and action items are finalized. Every member of the Executive Committee is required to attend the monthly meeting, which is open to the entire community and advertised in the “Next Week @ CHS Newsletter.”

Community and Belonging:
This group ensures that best practices are consistently used in conversations, planning, and community-building endeavors. This culturally responsive lens will promote an understanding of and appreciation for the many diverse families that make up CHS. This group seeks to create a safe space at the school for parents thus ensuring a sense of belonging for every member of the CHS community through thoughtful and reflective discussions. Community & Belonging Chairs will highlight challenging issues facing a diverse community so that all members of FA are aware of blind spots or areas that require cultural awareness. In collaboration with the DDEI, Community and Belonging Chairs will prepare for and plan at least two forums annually. This group strives to create awareness, to develop knowledge, to find common ground, and to foster inclusion and appreciation amongst CHS families for the differences that exist among people.

Volunteer Information:
Are you interested in volunteering, but haven't found a role that catches your interest or fits your schedule? There are many positions that need to be filled throughout the year. We would be happy to discuss upcoming volunteer opportunities that may complement your lifestyle. Whether you have two hours to spare, are available weekly, or only seasonally, we can help you find a role.  Please email us at so we can connect with you! 

Family Association Events: FA Chair oversees subcommittees
Subcommittees for each event are needed to plan these community events, coordinate volunteers, and execute the event:

  • Welcome Coffee: An opportunity to connect at the beginning at the school year.  All parents are encouraged to attend to learn about the Family Association’s plan for the year and sign up to volunteer based on your particular interests and availability.
  • Carnival: A back-to-school festival typically held on a September Saturday.  Families gather together enjoying rides, games, crafts and more.  Our goal is to host Carnival in May 2022 for the upcoming school year.
  • Festival of Light: A celebration of our families’ unique backgrounds held on a December weeknight evening.  We share our culture, heritage and traditions, such as food, music and history.  The coordinators of this event work with both the Community & Belonging Team & the CHS Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.
  • Heart of the Hill: A parent-led service event held on a January weekend that showcases the true caring and compassionate spirit of our community.  Our families — parents and children — come tougher to participate in a service project.  The planning committee collaborates with the CHS FIOC in choosing the partner charity.
  • End-of-Year Gathering:  Family event that celebrates a successful year of connection among our community.  This event typically takes place on a weeknight evening in late May on the CHS lawn or in the gymnasium in the event of inclement weather. Pizza and bottled water are provided. This year, Family Association is swapping this event with Carnival - there will be a fun family event in the Fall.  

Class Representatives: Each grade has 2-3 reps
Class Representatives are a critical component of the Family Association who help build community in smaller settings at the grade level.  Class Reps also convey important information about Family Association events and solicit volunteers.  Class Reps work to foster a sense of community in their classes by serving as coordinators for class gatherings — one with children and one for parents only.

Spotlight on our 6th Graders: 6th Grade Class Reps
Families work alongside the CHS administration and 6th grade faculty/staff to make the last year at CHS special for our 6th graders. Some of these responsibilities:

  • Sweatshirts are designed by parents for the 6th grade students and faculty/staff/HoS
  • Daffodils are planted and lunch provided in the Fall
  • Parent/Teacher/Staff basketball game against 6th grade class held the night before the ISEE exam (note: the school supported with pizza and refs etc; the families created the fun!)
  • Week of special snacks for the 6th graders at the end of the year
  • Work with the Advancement Office to coordinate a 6th grade project that will be gifted to CHS

Speaker Series:
In partnership with CHS, a speaker is offered to the school community - parents & staff - in the Fall and Spring. Parents are needed to identify areas of interest from the parent community, identify potential speakers, and assist the school with the execution of the events. This team may work with the Community, Inclusion and Belonging team.

Faculty and Staff Appreciation:
The committee works with the Academic Dean to create special ways in which to show appreciation to our wonder faculty and staff on behalf of the parent community.

Liaison to the Enrollment Department:
Liaison assists with CHS Admission Events such as open houses and also partners with the Enrollment Department to welcome new families to our community on behalf of the Family Association.

Partnership with Advancement:
The Family Association is committed to assisting the CHS Advancement Office with community outreach to educate about the importance of fundraising and assists with events such as Special Friends Day, Valentine’s Day, and the Day of Giving.