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Educational Philosophy

The Chestnut Hill School educates students in a diverse, inclusive, and nurturing community where learning is infused with meaning, purpose, and joy. We offer a rigorous, multi-dimensional curriculum that develops the whole child and provides a range of opportunities for students to engage in active learning. We believe students do their best both when they feel a sense of belonging and when they develop close personal relationships with adults and peers. We recognize the importance of  family involvement in a child’s education and value a cooperative home/school partnership. In pursuing academic excellence, we support the growth of competent, caring, well-rounded students who:

Think critically, creatively, and conceptually Assume responsibility for their own learning and behavior
Exhibit curiosity, show initiative, and embrace challenge Demonstrate self-awareness, self-confidence, and resilience
Master skills and apply them in context Seek, appreciate, and integrate multiple perspectives
Take risks and have the courage to make mistakes Express kindness and empathy toward others
Show flexibility and perseverance in problem-solving Display leadership qualities and act as respectful citizens
Communicate clearly and effectively in a variety of ways Advocate for equity and serve as culturally-competent allies
Cooperate and collaborate within and beyond the classroom