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Early Childhood

The Beginners and Pre-Kindergarten programs include developmentally appropriate opportunities for learning readiness skills, exploration, socialization, and play. Daily programs offer a balance of structured and unstructured time. Children in both classes begin their day with Choice Time, allowing for self-directed and open-ended play that intentionally fosters imagination and creativity, while also helping to build both fine and gross motor skills. In a variety of settings throughout the day, including active time outdoors, teacher-directed lessons and discussions on the rug, and center-based table activities, children build social skills, practice self-help skills, and increase their capacity for receptive and expressive language.

For the 2021-2022 school year, Beginners and Pre-Kindergarten will be a full-day program with an option to attend just half-day. Our full-day program will allow us to connect morning and afternoon learning more comprehensively, to offer integrated work with specialists, and to use lunch as additional social interaction time for all children. If you are interested in the half-day program only, you will need to let us know at the time you sign the enrollment contract. You must commit to a plan for half of the year. (The tuition for the half-day program will be approximately 10% less than the full-day. In addition, we expect to work with some families whose children may need to adjust to a full day.)