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Early Childhood

Responsive to the needs of young children, the Beginners and Pre-Kindergarten programs include opportunities for learning readiness skills, exploration, socialization, and play. Their daily programs include a balance of structured and unstructured time. Children in both classes begin their day with Choice Time, allowing them to engage in self-directed and open-ended play, to learn by doing, and to learn from each other. Children use their imagination while pretending to be families in the kitchen area, explore their creativity while painting at the easel, hone their fine motor skills while working with puzzles and manipulatives, and develop gross motor skills while building with blocks. In a variety of settings throughout the day, whether during active time outdoors, in teacher-directed lessons and discussions on the rug, or at center-based table activities, children are continually building social skills, practicing self-help skills, and increasing their capacity for receptive and expressive language. Each week children in both grades attend a broad array of engaging and enriching specialist classes such as Art and Science, Building and Engineering, Physical Education, and Spanish.

Our Beginners and Pre-Kindergarten programs are half-day with an option to stay for a full day. This allows children who benefit from shorter days to leave at noon, while children and families needing a full-day program are able to stay until 3:00 pm. While the number of children decreases in the afternoon, the staffing remains the same, allowing for continuity throughout the day and a high level of individual attention. For more information about the Beginners & Pre-K Afternoon Program click here. (The Extended Day program is available for families needing care from 3:00-6:00 pm.)