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Distance Learning

We have created our e-learning schedule to focus on three interrelated priorities: 

1) Academic Instruction 
2) Community and Connection
3) Developmentally Appropriate Content and Instruction

While there is developmentally appropriate variations from grade to grade, our schedule has two e-learning blocks over the course of the day for homeroom teachers to teach live lessons, share recorded instruction and guided activities, work in small groups with students, and check-in with families and students in the afternoons about their progress. 

We have also focused on community moments, both at the grade-level and for the full school community: Our all-school assemblies each morning have been lively, joyful, and just plain fun thanks to the hard work of our teachers who have led us in song, guided us through magic tricks and language lessons, and read aloud to us some of their favorite stories. Our morning meetings and afternoon check-ins have similarly provided homerooms with some much needed personal connection as well as allowing teachers to continue to focus on each child and strive to provide them with what they need to be successful. 

Finally, we have worked to tailor instruction to the developmental age of our learners as there are significant differences between our three-year-old Beginners and our twelve-year-old Grade 6 students. Our academic demands increase progressively but thoughtfully throughout our program. Our younger students are guided through daily tasks to complete, our older students complete more assignments independently, and we set limits on the amount of time spent on screens at every grade level.