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Alex Ablon's picture

Alex Ablon

Director of Advancement
Diana Blazar's picture

Diana Blazar

Academic Dean/Dean of Faculty
Lisa Halm's picture

Lisa Halm

Director of Finance and HR
Title IX Compliance Officer
Tara Hathaway's picture

Tara Hathaway

Director of Operations
Kerryn Hinds's picture

Kerryn Hinds

Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
Elisa Lellios's picture

Elisa Lellios

Director of Enrollment Management
Tamara Schurdak's picture

Tamara Schurdak

Head of School


Deb Bloomberg R.N.'s picture

Deb Bloomberg R.N.

Director of Nursing & Wellness
Jennifer Dirga's picture

Jennifer Dirga

School Counselor
David Gold '05's picture

David Gold '05

Communications & Advancement Associate
Carlisa Haith-Holliday's picture

Carlisa Haith-Holliday

Michelle Keating's picture

Michelle Keating

Director of Learning Support
Christine Lucey's picture

Christine Lucey

Auxiliary Programs Coordinator
Sarah Martin's picture

Sarah Martin

Associate Director of Enrollment Management
Marcus Nickerson's picture

Marcus Nickerson

Director of Athletics & Summer Camp
Gus Polstein '04's picture

Gus Polstein '04

Advancement Associate
Ani Rooney's picture

Ani Rooney

Paul Rozenfeld's picture

Paul Rozenfeld

Manager of Technology
Elias Sayeg's picture

Elias Sayeg

Facilities Manager
Bryan Tyler's picture

Bryan Tyler

Artistic Director of the Chestnut Hill School of Music
Angie Zomer's picture

Angie Zomer

Director of Extended Day & Assistant Director of Summer Camp

Teaching Staff

Fernando Acosta's picture

Fernando Acosta

Grade 5 Teacher
Christine Augustyn's picture

Christine Augustyn

Grade 2 Teacher
Jacqueline Barnhart's picture

Jacqueline Barnhart

Science Teacher
Ashley Bernath's picture

Ashley Bernath

Beginners Teacher
Samantha Bolduc's picture

Samantha Bolduc

Kindergarten Teacher
Mark Boylan's picture

Mark Boylan

Grade 1 Teacher
Julie Burke's picture

Julie Burke

Grade 5 Teacher
Andrea Calabrese's picture

Andrea Calabrese

Pre-K Teacher
Kerry Canzoneri's picture

Kerry Canzoneri

Beginners Teacher
Samantha Culbert's picture

Samantha Culbert

Grade 5 Intern
Justine Curran's picture

Justine Curran

Art Teacher
Carrie Danforth's picture

Carrie Danforth

Grade 4 Teacher
Erin Daniels's picture

Erin Daniels

Grade 3 Teacher
Hillary Despotovski's picture

Hillary Despotovski

Kindergarten Teacher
Ashley Donovan's picture

Ashley Donovan

Pre-K Teacher
Chris Eastburn's picture

Chris Eastburn

Music Teacher
Eric Edwards's picture

Eric Edwards

Physical Education Teacher
Cristina Feder's picture

Cristina Feder

Spanish Teacher, Grades 3-6
Sarah Fortino's picture

Sarah Fortino

Instructional Technologist
Dylan Gallegos '85's picture

Dylan Gallegos '85

Grade 6 Teacher
Kruti Garg's picture

Kruti Garg

Pre-K Associate Teacher
Eleanor Garvey's picture

Eleanor Garvey

Grade 1 Teacher
Lauren Giordano's picture

Lauren Giordano

Math Specialist
Evan Haller's picture

Evan Haller

Music Teacher
Violet Kazantseva's picture

Violet Kazantseva

Beginners Associate Teacher
Julia Kennard's picture

Julia Kennard

Grade 5 Intern
Jennah Maybury's picture

Jennah Maybury

Grade 6 Teacher
Maria McCarren's picture

Maria McCarren

Spanish Teacher
Clare McInerney's picture

Clare McInerney

Grade 1 Intern
Gary McPhail's picture

Gary McPhail

Grade 4 Teacher
Ian Myers's picture

Ian Myers

Kindergarten Teacher
Chélon Myles's picture

Chélon Myles

Grade 3 Intern
Jody Nelson's picture

Jody Nelson

Grade 1 Intern
Lauren Notas's picture

Lauren Notas

Music Teacher, Grades 1-6
Qiana Otieno-Rudek's picture

Qiana Otieno-Rudek

Kindergarten Teacher
Julia Phoon's picture

Julia Phoon

Grade 2 Intern
Erin Piper's picture

Erin Piper

Virginia Siu's picture

Virginia Siu

Grade 3 Teacher
Abigail Spaeth's picture

Abigail Spaeth

Kindergarten Intern
Rosie Sweeney's picture

Rosie Sweeney

Art & Science Teacher
Sarah Wagner's picture

Sarah Wagner

Grade 2 Intern
Trevor Zacks's picture

Trevor Zacks

Pre-K Associate Teacher
Anne Zasloff's picture

Anne Zasloff

Learning Specialist
Tori Zimmer's picture

Tori Zimmer

Kindergarten Intern
Sara Zuckerman's picture

Sara Zuckerman

Grade 2 Teacher