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Clubs & Activities

Winter Clubs

Based both on teacher interest and on student interest, the winter clubs program takes place during the lunch and recess period during the winter term. Open to all Upper School students (grades 4-6), the program provides a welcome connection between students and teachers who may not necessarily get a chance to interact. Recent activities have included such popular options as chess, robotics, yoga, debate, board games, power walking, snowshoeing, drama, improvisation, and photography. With clubs offered twice a week (Tuesdays and Thursdays), all Upper School children participate in at least one special activity.


Math Olympiads

The Math Olympiads program has been in place for many years and provides competition and fellowship for those students who welcome additional challenge. Following a curriculum that is used by schools around the world, students attend practices on a weekly basis and participate in monthly tests. In preparation for the reality of the 21st century workplace, students compete as a team and are compared against teams from across the country and around the world. At the end of the year, achievement is recognized both on an individual and also on a team basis. CHS teams have scored consistently in the top 10% of schools nationwide.



The Lego Robotics Team was established in 2013 and serves as a capstone experience exclusively for our 6th graders. Supported by a team of faculty advisors, the students are expected to build autonomous machines and to devise strategies for implemenation on a specified Robotics Course filled with obstacles and challenges. Sponsored by the First Lego League of Massachusetts, competitions are held during the winter in various locations across the state. Practices are held once during the week before school and once during a designated lunch/recess period.

Student Affinity Group

Affinity groups for Upper School students are scheduled on a regular basis during the lunch/recess period. We are currently offering three well-established groups that continue to draw strong participation and interest: Students for Equity and Social Justice, Students of Color, and Friends in our Community. These groups offer opportunities for students to connect with adults other than their regular teachers while exploring issues related to equity, identity, and community service. Programs for younger children are also scheduled during lunch/recess on an as-needed basis.