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Mission & Vision

At The Chestnut Hill School, our mission to educate children is deeply rooted in a commitment to academic excellence, diversity, and community.

The Chestnut Hill School, a diverse student body, copyright 2018

We engage, challenge and support children as they develop the skills and confidence to achieve educational success.  We nurture the whole child through a thoughtful, balanced curriculum.  We intentionally build a diverse school community, and we value, respect, and educate ourselves about its complexities and gifts.  We foster the growth of our students so they will become responsible, contributing members of the world who stand up for their beliefs, express their thoughts, and care about the rights and feelings of others.

Since its founding in 1860,  The Chestnut Hill School has been known for providing young children with exceptional educational experiences. CHS has maintained a legacy of preparing thoughtful students, skilled learners, and confident leaders. To propel us forward, the School's Board of Trustees have developed a set of Strategic Initiatives to sustain and expand our capacity to educate children. These initiatives span four fundamental areas: Programming, Financial Sustainability, Community Life, and Communications. Each area has multiple elements that will be evaluated to mark our progress in advancing the School's financial health, competitive position and strategic vision.