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The following goals represent the main priorities for CHS leadership, faculty and staff for the 2023-24 school year. Each goal was written in an aspirational tone and may take multiple years to accomplish, but we will review each goal on an annual basis to assess progress. Roderick MacNeal, Jr. 
Head of School

Two third graders work at a table together.

Goal 1: Academic Achievement and Social-Emotional Development

To ensure that every student is prepared to enter and thrive in a highly competitive independent or public middle school and high school. Every CHS student will receive engaging instruction and exposure to a challenging curriculum that integrates social-emotional and cultural competencies. As a result, our students will develop the ability to engage in the world around them as curious citizens and well-informed scholars.

hos rod macneal surrounded by students at a soccer game

Goal 2: Communications and Family Outreach

To create a comprehensive communication plan and family outreach program that will assist with building and sustaining trusting relationships with all members of the CHS community, and will serve to ensure that families are well informed.

a gaga game pit surrounded by trees with children playing

Goal 3: Advancement, Infrastructure and Operations

To evaluate, develop, and implement organizational and community structures and programs to increase sustainability around development, enrollment, marketing, fiscal responsibility, and operations.

female teacher kneeling next to a 6th grader - both looking at ipad

Goal 4: High Performing Faculty and Staff

To recruit, hire and retain a highly skilled and diverse faculty and staff through the use of effective onboarding, mentoring, and creating a structure of professional growth programming throughout the organization.


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