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Our Mission
The Chestnut Hill School is an inclusive community of joyful learners who think critically, embrace diversity, and act with empathy. 

Our Vision
At The Chestnut Hill School, our vision is a world transformed by childhood optimism and enduring curiosity. 

Values & Guiding Principles

Our philosophy is founded on four guiding principles, reaffirmed in our 2022 strategic planning process.


Every child is known and valued

We believe that every child should be known and valued for who they are.  We are a purposefully small school where each individual contributes to the whole.  We cultivate genuine relationships that honor and celebrate the identities and perspectives of others.

Pursuit of Knowledge

Our students develop a lifelong love of learning

We believe that exposure, inquiry, and access are the foundation for discovering passions and expanding worldviews.  By engaging in self-reflection, discourse and interdisciplinary study, our students develop innovative problem-solving strategies and a lifelong love of learning.


Children can learn as much from failure as they do from success

We believe that learning is iterative.  We intentionally encourage students to step outside of their comfort zone, think independently, and take risks.  When children feel supported and valued, they learn as much from failure as they do from success. 


We nurture childhood joy

We believe that empathy and discovery are integral to fostering the growth of inquisitive minds and caring individuals.  We nurture childhood joy and help students discover the very best version of themselves and others.