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Upper Camp (Entering Grades 4-6)

"Our children have nicknamed CHS as "Camp Awesome!"

Archery, basketball, dance, swim, movie making, rock band, set design, tennis, engineering, wheel-working, and more...​

Each summer campers (entering grades 4-6) look forward to re-connecting with friends, meeting new friends, and engaging in a variety of technology, performance, visual art, and sport experiences taught by our enthusiastic staff.

The selection process is done online prior to each session, thus, allowing for family guidance. Selected classes run for the full two-week session. Each session, campers have a chance to continue taking their favorite activities or make new selections. The average class size is 8 to 12 campers with a 7-to-1 camper-to-staff ratio. Classes are led by our creative, warm, and engaging staff. Swim instruction is optional; campers may choose one 30-minute swim instruction and/or free swim period per day.

Additional highlights for Upper Camp include...
  • Drama - We are pleased to announce that our four-week drama program will also return this summer. Drama is an optional elective for campers in upper camp (grades 4-6) who are attending the first two sessions and/or the last two sessions. This four-week commitment allows campers full immersion into the musical making process. Each four-week musical theatre experience concludes with a daytime rehearsal for campers and an evening performance for families (TBD). Past musicals have included: Beauty and the Beast, Lion King, Little Mermaid, Honk Jr. and so many more…
  • Safe Archery - Taught on campus in our indoor gymnasium. Arrows are equipped with velcro tips allowing for safe indoor use. Safe archery utilizes regular bows and weighted arrows for a true Archery Experience. Archery instructors teach proper form and technique along with all safety procedures.
  • Optional Field Trips - TBD for 2022
  • New programs added each session - TBD for 2022
  • Mid-day divisional gatherings - Twice a week from 12:30-1:00pm, upper campers and counselors come together to share their creativity, wits, and talents. At the end of each session, several classes such as dance, guitar, rock band, and piano will perform. Families will be informed if they are able to attend this summer.
  • Special Guests - Past guests have included: Oooch, High-flying Frisbee dogs, and a representative from the New England Aquarium.
  • Hogwarts Friendly Competition - Each week groups work together to share their creativity, knowledge and strengths by competing in a variety of friendly team challenges in an effort to earn points for their Hogwarts House. Past challenges have included relay races, water bucket brigade, mastermind puzzle challenge and the popular shoe hunt.
Camper Activity Schedules

Please note the sample schedule model (below) is subject to change due to relaxing or increased COVID-19 safety modifications. In addition, new activities will be added each session.

Sample Upper Camp Schedule

Lunch Option

Schoolhouse Lunch Fare Option

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