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Intermediate Camp (Entering Grades 1-3)

“My children made new friends and enjoyed their time at camp. It was a very positive experience, we were overall very pleased by all the efforts made to accommodate requests. The program is big enough to meet new people but not overwhelmingly large so that our children felt lost or just a number among a mass.”

Art , basketball, clay, drama, dance, movie making, piano, pillow making, science, soccer, swim instruction, science, and so much more.

Grade 1 - Combines the intimate structure of lower camp with the growing independence of intermediate camp. Each first-grade group consists of 15 to 20 campers with a 5-1 camper to staff ratio. Staffing teams consist of one lead counselor, three assistant counselors, and one counselor-in-training. Staff are hired based on their experience, passion for working with children and favorable reference/background checks. First grade campers start and finish each camp day engaged in hands-on activities with their assigned group. During the morning, first graders have instructional swim and either science or art. During the middle of the day, first graders have the opportunity to select three activities of their own interest.  The selection process is done online prior to each session, thus allowing for family input and guidance. See sample schedule below to view the variety of indoor and outdoor options. Selected classes run for the full two-week session. Each session, campers will have a chance to make new selections; new activities are added each session. At the end of the day, first graders come back together for "Mixers", a fun peer-building activity. These activities, are designed to foster collaboration, friendship-building, and problem-solving skills.

Grades 2 and 3 - Continues to build campers' self-confidence as they learn and strengthen skills while engaging in a wide range of activities with peers. With numerous offerings each period, second and third grade campers are able to follow their interests, try something new, and challenge themselves. Activity selection is done online prior to each session allowing for family input in making choices. Selected classes run for the full two-week session. Each session, campers will have a chance to continue with their favorite activities and/or make new selections. The average class size is 10 to 12 campers with a 5-to-1 camper-to-staff ratio. Classes are led by an experienced adult staff. Campers will have swim instruction daily; see below 

Camper Activity Schedules 

Please note the sample schedule model (below) is subject to change due to relaxing or increased COVID-19 safety modifications.  In addition, new activities will be added each session.

Sample Intermediate Camp Schedule

Instructional Swim Model

Daily Swim Instruction - Intermediate campers (grades 1-3) have a 30 minute instructional swim class each morning. With certified swim staff,  campers will practice swimming skills and have fun in our outdoor heated pools. Swim staff, evaluate each swimmer before placing them in an appropriate swim level group. Swim groups consist of 6 to 7 campers with two staff (one swim instructor and one on deck group counselor). Swim staff provide instruction (safety and stroke technique) based on The American Red Cross Swim Program. Swim staff teach and give feedback while in the water with their level 1-3 groups. Campers have Free Swim on Fridays.

Weekly Themes

Our weekly events, presenters, and themes foster camp community and provide additional opportunities for campers to collaborate on a variety of group projects.

2022 Themes - TBD

Lunch Option

Schoolhouse Lunch Fare Option

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We are pleased to announce that our four-week drama program will also return this summer. Drama is an optional elective for campers in intermediate camp (grades 1-3), and upper camp (grades 4-6) who are attending the first two sessions and/or the last two sessions. This four-week commitment allows campers full immersion into the musical making process.  Each four-week musical theatre experience concludes with a daytime rehearsal for campers and an evening performance for families. Past musicals have included: Beauty and the Beast, Lion King, Little Mermaid, Honk Jr. and so many more…