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Summer Camp Frequently Asked Questions

Can I see the camp before registering?

Yes! We are now open for scheduled individual tours. Masks are required while indoors. Contact information is listed below.

How do I register for the program?

Registration for all families will open on December 1, 2022.

Please click here to view dates and fee information. Contact us at 617-264-1335 with any questions.


Which Medical Documents and Immunizations are required to attend?

Campers and staff must meet State and Local guidelines before attending camp. A Health History form needs to be submitted from a physician which will include a recent physical (within the last 18 months) along with allergies and any activity restrictions if applicable. In addition see below for required immunizations and more information.

Camp Staff must also be fully vaccinated from COVID-19

Is financial aid available?

At this time, The Chestnut Hill School Summer Camp is unable to offer financial aid to non-CHS students.

Does the camp provide transportation?

At this time, transportation for summer camp is unavailable.

Do you have Early and Extended Day Programs?

Yes. For an extra fee, families may sign up for Early Drop-Off from 7:45am-8:30am and/or Extended Day until 5:45pm. Morning and afternoon activities include playground, art, movement games, and/or free swim (extended day only).

Please click here for more information and fees.

Do you provide lunch, snacks and/or birthday treats?

Families are required to pack snack(s) and a lunch Monday through Thursday. Please note that all snacks and lunches must be nut free; see nut free policy below. Please note that refrigeration and heating are not available; use an ice pack if necessary. On Fridays, lunch and snacks will be provided by camp and will always be nut free and include both Gluten free and Kosher options. More information will be provided to families in advance of each Friday lunch.

Lunch Delivery Option (Monday-Thursday) - Families may purchase a lunch to be delivered from Schoolhouse Fare Mondays through Thursdays. To learn more about the Schoolhouse Fare lunch ordering details please click here.

Birthday Celebrations! Campers who are with us on (or near) their birthday will have popsicles (provided by camp) with their group at either the morning or afternoon snack. Families are not permitted to bring in any birthday treats to share with the other campers.

Is the camp nut aware?

Yes, our campus is a nut free zone. We ask all staff and campers to refrain from bringing any nut products on-site. Lunches and snacks will be monitored by staff. We will have substitute nut-free snack available for those campers who may accidentally bring in any nut products. These item will be packed up and sent home with a friendly reminder notice from our camp nurse.

Can my child be in a group with his/her friend?

You are welcome to make friendship requests for your camper on the Camper Questionnaire. The friend must be entering the same grade and admitted to the same session as your child in order for us to place them together (late requests may not be honored). This summer, we anticipate a decreased number of camper groups per grade, so please register early to guarantee space.

What are your COVID-19 Safety Measures?

To ensure the safety for our camp community, we will be following all State, Local and CDC COVID-19 guidelines along with any recommendations by The American Camping Association. We will be watching closely for any new updates from the state and will adjust our policies and this page accordingly.

Groups & Activities

  • All Camp Staff will be required to be fully vaccinated.
  • Masks, indoors and outdoors, will be made optional for all campers and staff; except in specific indoor classes or special events were appropriate distancing interferes with camper and peer engagement.
  • Campers from the same grade level or division will be able to mix through-out the day.
  • Average class sizes will consist of 12-15 campers with 3 to 4 designated counselors.
  • Though we accept friendship requests and do our best to accommodate them, this year friendship request must come at the time of registration. Please fill out your friend request on the Camper Questionnaire during the registration process.
  • Family attendance during any on-site special class performances and productions continue to be evaluated.
  • Daily activities will take place both indoors and outdoors with an emphasis on increased outdoor activities. Please dress appropriately for outdoor lessons and activities.
  • All staff and campers will be required to follow social distancing, hand hygiene and mask wearing guidelines. Campers will have periodic mask breaks while socially distanced from others and will remove their masks while swimming.
  • Daily Swim Instruction and Free Swim - Swim Groups have a 30 minute daily instructional swim class each day. Our certified swim staff will evaluate each swimmer before placing them in an appropriate swim level group. Swim staff will provide instruction (based on The American Red Cross Swim Program) and feedback while in the water with their group. Level 1 and 2 groups have 4-5 campers with two staff (one swim instructor in the water and one on deck counselor). Level 3 and up groups have 6-7 campers with two staff (one swim instructor and one on deck counselor). Swimmers also enjoy Free Swim Friday, where the staff play games with the campers and/or allow campers to use the pool tools with their peers.

Daily Health Checks

  • Prior to attending camp, families will need to log into their accounts to review and sign our Family Health Attestation Form. This form asks all families to screen each camper in their family for COVID-19 Symptoms prior to coming to camp each morning. The FHA form will provide families with a list of screening symptoms to look for. We ask all families to keep their child home if they are showing signs of an illness and to contact our camp nurse for next steps.
  • Staff will conduct ongoing visual health screening of campers through-out the day. Any camper exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19 will be brought to the camp nurse for further evaluation.

If COVID-19 is Suspected at Camp

  • If a camper or staff member becomes symptomatic with any COVID-19 symptoms during the camp day, they will report to the camp nurse for further evaluation.
  • If warranted, our nurse will contact families to communicate symptoms and may require that the symptomatic individual be picked up for further evaluation and/or testing.
  • Any camper or staff member sent home for further evaluation, will require a negative COVID-19 test result in order to return back to camp.
  • As a result of any attending camper or staff member who tests positive for COVID-19, we will identify close contacts and will immediately take appropriate CDC steps to communicate to families and/or individuals who may be effected. Those individuals may be asked to self quarantine (no less than 7 days) and be tested before returning to camp.
  • In the event that we require potentially exposed campers to self quarantine at home to monitor symptoms, the camp will issue a full refund for days missed.

Sanitization Steps

  • To minimize the potential of COVID-19 spreading, this summer we will have teams routinely sanitize the facilities before, during, and after campers are on campus.
  • Campers will be encouraged to frequently exercise hand hygiene throughout the day.
  • Air purification systems will be in operation throughout the facility and windows will be open in the building.
  • In addition, our facilities team, activity specialists and other staff members will routinely sanitize high touched surfaces and equipment between activities.

Lunches and Snacks

  • Please note that The Chestnut Hill School Summer Camp is a "Nut Aware" campus. Our entire camp community is asked not to bring to camp any items that contain nut products or traces of nut products.
  • Most campers opt to bring their lunch every day; Please note that refrigeration is not available.
  • We will be providing catered lunches every Friday during the Creative Arts and Sports Program (not STEAM Camp).
  • Families may enroll with Schoolhouse Fare and purchase a lunch to be delivered to camp one or more days per week (Mondays-Thursdays). Click here for more details.
  • Families should also provide two nut free snacks for their full day camper or one nut free snack for their half day camper each day.