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Grow Today, Transform Tomorrow

At The Chestnut Hill School, we believe childhood optimism and enduring curiosity can transform the world. Here, students in preschool through grade 6 find meaning and joy in a diverse community that encourages all to question, to take risks, and to think critically as they grow into intellectually skilled, empathetic, self-empowered young learners.

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Joyful Today, Fulfilled Tomorrow

When children see learning as meaningful, purposeful, and joyful, they naturally develop the skills and confidence to achieve educational success.  CHS students excel because they are happy, supported, and known. 


Curious Today, Innovative Tomorrow

By encouraging children to ask interesting questions, and to do the research to find the answers, children learn to embrace creativity and flexible thinking. Our thoughtful, balanced curriculum creates students who believe in themselves as learners and problem solvers.



Kind Today, Conscious Tomorrow

Children who are taught to care about the rights and feelings of others, while expressing their own thoughts and beliefs, become responsible, contributing members of the world. 

Kindergarteners enjoy a sunny lunch outside on the playground.

Our Program

From excitable early learners to confident students, the Chestnut Hill School offers everything your child needs to thrive and grow from Preschool to Grade 6

Early Childhood

Beginners - Kindergarten

Our Early Childhood program helps our youngest learners develop a sense of identity, gain literacy and numeracy skills, and practice inquiry and creativity through hands-on learning in STEAM class.


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Lower School

1st Grade - 3rd Grade

Lower School students develop into sophisticated learners, organized and clear writers, and complex problem solvers through a program that encourages them to follow their passions and contribute to our socially conscious community.

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Upper School

4th Grade - 6th Grade

In Upper School, students prepare to engage with the world around them as curious citizens and informed scholars, building on their foundation of leadership and academic skills to enhance inquiry, activism, research, self-reflection, and agency.

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Think Big, and Grow Slow

What would the world be like if we let childhood last a little longer? If we allowed children to think big, and grow slow? If we encouraged individuality while building empathy? At The Chestnut Hill School, we do just that.

Skilled Learners

rear view of a girl raising her hand in music class

Our academic approach builds perseverance, spurs creativity, and encourages leadership, developing within students a strong sense of self and belonging that prepares them to excel in their educational journeys.

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Empathetic Classmates

two 4 year old girls painting with markers

As children of all cultures and affinities sit side-by-side, deciphering math equations, designing robots, and playing instruments, they cultivate genuine relationships that honor and celebrate the identities and perspectives of others.

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Self-empowered Thinkers

At CHS, true learning and confidence come with opportunities to try, to participate, to contribute, and to lead. Teachers empower students to develop their individual voices and take an active role in our community.

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The Inside Line

See what's happening inside the halls of CHS.