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Creative Arts and Sports Camp


Chestnut Hill boasts a five-acre campus with air-conditioned classrooms, outdoor heated pools, playing fields, playgrounds, gymnasium, music center and theatre.
A wide variety of activities are available. Arrival for all campers is between 8:30am and 9:00am. Dismissal times are listed below. Early Drop-Off (7:45am-8:30am)
and Extended Day (until 5:45pm) are available for all age groups. Please see information below for more details.


Creative Arts and Sports Camp 2018 Dates
Session I June 25 - July 6
Session II July 9 - July 20
Session III July 23 - August 3
Session IV August 6 - August 17

- Camp closed on Wednesday, July 4th

- Camp closes early on Friday, August 17th

- Single weeks are available during Session I (June 25th - July 6th)

Lower Camp - Age 3 through entering Kindergarten
  • Half Day Program (9:00am - 1:00pm)
  • Full Day Program (9:00am - 3:45pm)
  • Combo Program (three full days and two half days)

Through art, instructional swim, story time, music, science, and sports, imaginations will expand and skills developed.  Campers will:

  • Participate in daily instructional swim (American Red Cross Certified Staff and program)
  • Bond with peers and staff
  • Thrive because of the low camper to staff ratios with staff who are selected based on teaching experience and enthusiasm

This program is specifically designed for our youngest campers. They experience a wide variety of activities guided by counselors (head counselors are teachers) who love working with young children. Lower campers have five half hour activities in the morning. All campers have lunch at camp. Half-day campers go home at 1:00pm. Campers who stay for the full afternoon have ‘quiet time’ to read, listen to soft music, or rest. In the afternoon, additional activities include art, swim and time take place on the playground. 


Lower Camp 2017 themes include Transportation, Farm Life, Day at the Beach, and Dinosaurs. The 4 and 5-year old groups perform a thematic performance for family and friends once each session.

Click here to see sample schedule for Lower Camp.

Intermediate Camp - Entering grades 1, 2 and 3


Self confidence and independence grow because campers design their own schedules, build skills and develop friendships.  Campers will:

  • Select two-week activity schedules based on preferences
  • Experience diversity and community through daily performances
  • Bond and have fun with peers and enthusiastic staff
  • Have the option for daily swim instruction



  • Full Day Program (9:00am - 3:45pm/4:00pm)

Grade 1
Campers are placed into small coed groups (10-13 campers) with one head counselor and two assistant counselors. Half of their day is spent together in art, science, sports and swim instruction. The other half of the day allows first graders, with family input, to choose their own activities; see sample schedule below.

Grades 2 and 3
Campers, with family input, create their own schedule by selecting one activity for each of their six periods (see sample schedule below). Campers participate in these classes each day for the entire session. If a camper returns for another session, he or she will have a chance to participate in the same activities or select new ones. Average class sizes are 10-14 campers. Music class sizes range from 1-4 campers. All classes are taught by head counselors. Families will receive a link to the online activity selection forms prior to each new session.

Weekly themes allow campers and staff the opportunity to be creative with their summer attire (i.e. Red Sox day, backwards day, crazy sock day).

Click here to see sample schedule for the Intermediate Camp.

Upper Camp - Entering grades 4, 5 and 6


Diverse selections of innovative and traditional class offerings sharpen Upper camper talents.  Campers will:

  • Strengthen skills and develop new interests
  • Choose free and/or instructional swim
  • Collaborate with peers and staff during weekly challenges and games
  • Build lasting friendships



  • Full Day Program (9:00am - 4:15pm)

Campers in this division design their own camp experience. Each day consists of six 50-minute periods, a half hour lunch, and a half hour of mid-day performances. Upper campers select activities from a long list of offerings. Classes allow campers to focus on skill building for the entire two-week session.

A variety of art, dance, music and sports classes are offered each period. Additional classes include drama, computers, movie making, music, tennis, rock band, and swimming.  Families will receive a link to the online activity selection forms prior to each new session.  Mid-day performances strengthen our camp community. Many upper camp classes will use this time to showcase their talents in front of the entire camp. Upper campers gain self-confidence as they share their talents and volunteer to perform with peers.

Please note that archery and tennis are taught off campus at nearby Pine Manor College campus for lessons and campers are transported on the camp shuttle.

Click here to see the sample schedule for the Upper Camp.

Senior Camp - Entering grades 7 and 8
  • Full Day Program (9:00am - 4:15pm)
  • Off-site adventure trips  - Two days a week
  • On-site activity sample  - Three days a week

Social and intellectual enrichment is fostered through on-site activity electives (daily), off-site excursions (Tuesdays and Thursdays) and a free choice period.  Campers will:

  • Participate in trips such as adventure tours, scavenger hunts, beaches, sport arenas, and more (see sample listing below)
  • Enhance skills with specialized activities
  • Bond and collaborate with peers
  • Contribute to an enriching and respectful group experience led by engaging adult staff
  • Enhance leadership and activities skills with specialized classes

Fun and enrichment is the main focus of this division and is fostered through on-site electives, adventure trips, and group events/performances. While on campus, senior campers select from a diverse range of sports, art, music and theater experiences. Senior campers attend four fun-filled day trips each session. Campers and staff travel to their destinations either by bus or the MBTA.  Prior to each new session, families/campers, will be emailed the activity choices and field trip schedule. Campers print, fill out and bring their schedules with them on their first day of camp.

Please note that field trips change each year so that returning senior campers may experience new adventures.

Click here to see sample Senior Trip Schedule.

Click here to see sample Senior Camp Schedule.

CIT program - Entering grades 9 and 10

Leadership skills are learned and practiced in a diverse and supportive environment.  CITs will: 

  • Engage with friendly campers and staff
  • Participate in group meetings, community builders/projects and field trips 
  • Receive weekly feedback and mentoring from experienced staff and directors.

Weekly meetings provide CIT’s with individual feedback and goal setting opportunities. CITs may have the opportunity to teach a brief lesson during their camp experience and will be evaluated by their director.  

All interested CIT candidates (new and returning) are invited to apply for a position.  Please follow these steps:

  • Complete CIT Application
  • Schedule an interview (we will contact you)
  • If accepted, register and pay deposit/tuition

CIT positions are limited to these four-week blocks:

  • CIT Block 1 (June 25 - July 20*)
  • CIT Block 2 (July 23 - August 17)

*Camp closed on Wednesday, July 4th