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Iceland Visitors

Posted by Kelly Conn on 01 Nov 2011

Last week CHS hosted six visitors from the Vikurskoli Elementary School located in Iceland. Sponsored by Icelandic teacher’s union, our guests traveled to Boston as a part of a larger group of 55 teachers and administrators that were interested in studying best practices in elementary education. The group identified CHS by researching elementary schools that appeared to value creativity and utilized an Orff based music program that closely matched their own. In addition to CHS, group members visited the John F. Kennedy and Buckingham, Browne & Nichols schools.

During their visit, our guests toured the school, ate lunch and spent time in music, art, math, and language arts classes. Our guests completed their day by presenting the CHS library with a beautiful hard-covered book of Icelandic folktales entitled Tales of the Elves Icelandic Folktales for Children.