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Best Possible Selves 5

Sunday, October 16, 2016

This weekend's School Carnival was a compelling example of how children and adults can achieve greatness by working together and by embracing the ways in which their two worlds can connect. How else might we explain the fact that virtually all of the children are in attendance on a Saturday afternoon or that virtually all of their teachers and parents are signed up to serve in a volunteer capacity? Although most of what we do as an elementary school is centered on learning, the School Carnival is a notable exception. This is a day purely for fun, an all-out extravaganza that could not sustain itself for such a long time without such a magical partnership between children and adults. Children are experts at playing with each other and generally have little need for adults in order to have a good time. However, based on my observation of events like the Carnival, I believe that children are actually capable of having an even greater time by playing together with adults. Maybe this is merely a function of the novelty, I'm not sure. But I am convinced that the simultaneous sharing of "best selves" behavior makes it possible for children and adults together to enjoy the special magic of play.