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Best Possible Selves 2

Friday, September 30, 2016

Once again, I realize that one need look no further than 5th Grade Leadership Class for inspiration about being our best possible selves. After introducing some activities this week that gave the students a chance to explore the difference between equality and equity, we asked them to write down their reflections about this important topic. Here's just a small sampling of what they had to say:

In your own words, please explain the difference between equity and equality.

Equality is where everyone gets the same attention or the same matter. Equity is where each and every student gets the attention or matter THEY need. The difference between these two is that they are both matters for what each student needs to be their best possible selves.

Equality is when everyone gets treated the same, and equity is when everyone gets what they need. One example of this is at my summer camp. A lot of girls want to do waterskiing. So, some of the girls get to do the activity one week, and the others get to do it the second week. This is not equality because not all the girls go the first week. This is equity, though, because every girl gets a turn to waterski.

Equality means everyone gets everything the same. For example, Bob and Joe both got to go to the movie theater even though Bob did his chores and Joe didn't. However, equity means fair, i.e., everyone gets what they need or deserve. For example, if Bob did his chores and Joe didn't, it wouldn't be fair or equitable if Bob and Joe both went to the movie theater. However, if only Bob went to the movie theater, it would be fair or equitable, but not equal or the same.

When have you experienced equity and/or equality in your own life?

An example from my life is when my dad takes all the fries on Friday nights. He says he's two times bigger than I am, so he gets two times the fries. If he's right, that would be equitable, but not equal. I say he is not two times bigger than I am and he's taking too much fries. It's not equal and not equitable. This is an annoying example from my life.

The other day when my friend hurt her leg we were playing a game where two people had to sit and one person stands. The group that she was in, let her stand because it's harder for her to sit down fast. The two people that didn't have a hurt leg were the ones that sat on the ground.

In golf when I play someone better than me I get a handicap which is equitable but not equal.