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Annual Fund & Endowment

CHS Annual Fund – A Vital Resource

An Annual Fund is integral to the operating budget it is an ongoing and continuing effort.  Tuition covers only a portion of the cost of educating our children.  Monies raised for the Annual Fund provide a crucial bridge between tuition revenue and the actual cost of running a School.  Your support of the CHS Annual Fund, one person and one contribution at a time, has an immediate and lasting impact on students by allowing the School to hire and retain the top teachers, maintain a diverse community, and provide dynamic and innovative educational programs.  The CHS Annual Fund is one way to touch the lives of so many children – and in so many different ways. Our goal every year for the Annual Fund is to reach 100% participation from our parents, faculty, friends and alumni.  If your family plans to make one gift during the year, it is critically important that you contribute to the Annual Fund. 


CHS Endowment – A Sustainable Future

A robust Endowment will provide CHS with the financial strength needed to carry the School into the future.  Through our Capital Campaign efforts we will look to grow our endowment to help provide the necessary resources to fund the School’s major strategic priorities -- Investing in Faculty, Investing in Students, Investing in the Campus, and Investing in Community.